My favourite time of year is the fall! There are so many fun activities for kids to do both inside and outside. My family and I always do a traditional nature walk the day before thanksgiving. For me thanksgiving is this weekend because we are Canadian. It is so easy to include your family in fun nature adventures and also the fun adventures in the kitchen. After searching on pintrest for hours to find good activities, I found one incorporating my own ideas to make this fun holiday themed-treat! I did it with one of my students and they loved it! It not only was fun to make and a great special treat it was a great activity to help with social skills, math, money, and list making as well as following directions.

With my student prior to starting in the kitchen there are a few things that need to be done first. I like to go over the recipe and discuss about safety in the kitchen and the responsibility of keeping it clean before and after use. We also discuss about the importance of following the recipe. We also talk about where to get everything even the bowls and the measuring cups and make a shopping list as well as how we behave in a store. We also talk about prices and money and look through flyers and discuss about budgets. Then when we finally go to the store we also discuss layout where to find the items and the best options. As well as what we do when we pay ext .These are all very important life skills. We do lots of lessons before going to the store in the store and after the store. I am writing it more condensed here but all these things are broken down into lessons and the end goal is making the dessert. If you would like me to discuss how I do this leave a comment down below or send me an email. For the purpose of the blog I will be going right into the directions on how you complete this recipe. Also please note that you can do this activity with young kids without getting so technical. I was working with a student who was older and all these steps were really necessary for them. With that being said lets jump into the recipe!!

What you will need:

- 1 mixing bowl

- Whisk

- 1 cup measuring cup

- spoon

- plastic cups or bowls ( bowls work better)

- a ziplock bag or a resealable bag


pudding (any kind I used butterscotch)

Oreos or Oreo crumbs

Candy corn or candy corn pumpkins ( you could also even add sprinkles or any other fall candy you find)


1. in a large mixing bowl add your pudding mix and follow the directions on the box. From what I recall all you need is 2 cups of milk to the pudding mix. this works best when you put the pudding mix in first then the milk to avoid the possible clumps from the pudding mix.

2. Mix the pudding mix and the milk together till it becomes thick

3. once think pour the pudding mixture into 4 separate bowls or cups; use a spoon to make sure each serving is about even ( 1 box only makes 4 servings) so if you need more then use multiple boxes of pudding mix and adjust the milk accordingly.

4) put the bowls into the fridge for at least five minutes

5) while the pudding is chilling crush up the Oreos in a Ziplock or plastic bag; * not sure how many you need I would start with at least 5 or 6 and crush more if you need them ( for this step you have multiple options, you could either scrape the filling off and just use the cookie or include the filling and crush the whole Oreo. You could also get pre crushed Oreo crumbs)

6) once you crushed the Oreos take out the pudding from the fridge. Sprinkle the Oreo crumbs all over the top of each pudding cup. I like to put a nice layer so you don't see the pudding underneath the Oreo's.

7) Finally the fun part, decorate the pudding anyway you want with the candy you have. I wanted to try to make it look like a pumpkin patch.

8) serve and eat! enjoy your delicious treat. If you don't want to eat it right away put it back in the fridge

Please let me know if you guys try to make this I would love to see your pictures. Also let me know if you have any questions or comments.